The 11 Best Detangler Sprays for Kids and Adults (2024)

There are many things I have motherhood to thank for. Cat-like reflexes, an ability to sleep almost anywhere and a deep love and appreciation for detangler spray. Turns out, when you give birth to two children with heads full of curls that morph into birds’ nests overnight, detangling spray is an elixir of the gods. Not only does it keep hair frizz-free and soft, it can also eliminate the tears that come from the daily comb out. (Theirs and yours.)

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My kids are biracial with moderately tight curls (3B but becoming more 3C as they get older) and from the time they were toddlers, I’ve used one kind or another on a daily basis. It helps to eliminate knots after washing, but where it really comes in clutch is on the mornings you don’t have time to deal. A few saturating spritzes and the wad of hair at the back of their skull becomes silky soft once again. I can’t imagine how late we’d be to school without it.

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Benefits of detangler spray

And it’s not just kids’ hair that benefits from detangler sprays. As someone with hair that’s the exact opposite of my children’s (thin, fine, pin straight and arguably over-treated), I’ve come to depend on it myself to keep breakage to a minimum. To give my hair volume and body, I have to fake it with heat tools which inevitably takes a toll. To keep the hair stress to a minimum, I’ve added detangling spray to my post shower hair routine. There are a ton of great formulas with benefits like heat protection and pH balancing to boost shine reduce frizz without weighing hair down. (Sure, I could steal some from my kids, but I’m a grown up lady and prefer my own beauty products, thank you very much.)

Over the years, my household has used dozens of brands to tame unruly curls and coax knots out of my own fine strands. To capitalize on all of our personal research and gazillions of dollars, I’ve rounded up some of our favorite detangling sprays for kids and adults. Happy brushing!

Best Detangler Spray for Kids

The 11 Best Detangler Sprays for Kids and Adults (1)

Best kids' detangling spray overall


Rock the Locks Kids Not So Knotty Conditioning Detangler

Alcohol, paraben, and phthalate-free, the salon-recommended Rock the Locks Kids Not So Knotty Conditioning Detangler delivers lightweight and non-greasy detangling for all kinds of hair. Fine toddler manes to thicker pre-teen curls all come out knot-free without being weighed down with just a few pumps. But the best part? Its vacation-in-a bottle scent. (It says pineapple banana but it’s more like tropical sun tan lotion.) My ten-year-old even took it to sleepaway camp and had to hide it from her bunk mates because it’s that good. Bonus points for a kid-friendly, easy-to-use sprayer!

The 11 Best Detangler Sprays for Kids and Adults (2)

Best Kids' Budget Detangling Spray


Suave Kids' 100% Natural Marigold Detangler Spray

With the amount of hair on my kids’ heads, there have been periods of my life that I’ve bought a bottle of detangling spray every week. I love them, but spending a bazillion dollars on hair care isn’t something I’m willing to do. At our peak usage, Suave Kids’ 100% Natural Marigold Detangler Spray was a standing item on my grocery store shopping list. The marigold-infused spray works great even on unruly curls and though it’s budget-friendly, it’s free from sulfates, parabens or dyes and earns a clean rating from Target. The floral scent is soft without over-powering, so spritz with abandon!

The 11 Best Detangler Sprays for Kids and Adults (3)

Best Kids' Budget Detangling Spray for Curly Hair


Aussie Kids Moist Detangling Spray

An affordable option formulated to deliver extra moisture as well as knot-busting, Aussie Kids Moist Detangling Spray tames tangles and frizz without any of the nasties (sulfates, parabens and dyes). It’s a great option for thick, wild and curly hair and while in our experience it works best on wet hair, the most compelling endorsem*nt comes from a reviewer who used it to dislodge those nightmare velcro ball “Bunchems” from their kiddo’s head. “It took about 10-15 minutes, but with this detangler I was able to get them all out without hurting her once.” Now that’s a miracle.

The 11 Best Detangler Sprays for Kids and Adults (4)

The Best Kids' Detangling Spray That Strengthens


The Honest Company Conditioning Detangler & Fortifying Spray

We love brands that come along for the ride from day one. From first tangles to big kid rats nests, Honest Company’s lightweight detangling spray helps nourish and moisturize hair while also giving it a strengthening boost with ingredients like quinoa extract, shea butter, argan oil and jojoba protein. It’s a great choice for baby fine flyaways and easily breakable strands! The sweetly scented orange and vanilla formula can be used on both damp and dry hair to keep hair-combing tears at bay whether it’s a hair washing day or not.

The 11 Best Detangler Sprays for Kids and Adults (5)

The Best Scented Kids' Detangling Spray


Hello Bello Watermelon Conditioning Mist & Detangler

Even the most hair brushing-averse kiddos can be swayed by a fun scent. And Hello Bello’s watermelon scented Conditioning Mist & Detangler offers more than just a delicious smell! It’s formulated with plant-based ingredients like coconut oil, marshmallow root and aloe to make hair silky soft whether sprayed on wet or dry hair. That said, the addition of coconut oil means it can be a bit heavy for super fine strands.

Best Detangler for Toddlers


Tubby Todd Detangler

The post bath time routine can be fraught with tears for one reason or another, but hair brushing doesn’t have to be one of them. To tame toddler snarls, we love the lemony coconut-scented detangling spray from Tubby Todd. Not only is it free of all the yucks like parabens, SLS and synthetic fragrance, it’s also powered by a variety of natural oils (mango seed butter, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil) and baobab to help protect strands from environmental stressors as well.

Best Detangling Sprays for Moms

The 11 Best Detangler Sprays for Kids and Adults (7)

Best Detangler For Frizzy Hair


It's A 10 Miracle Leave In Product

You know those splurges that give you a glimpse of the other side and then you regret it because you can never go back to the cheap stuff? Well don’t buy this unless you’re ready to roll around in that greener grass and never, ever leave. I made the glorious mistake of snatching up a bottle off the shelf at T.J. Maxx and at the first use my daughter declared she was having the best hair day of her life. (As her mom, I can say this apple did not fall far from the tree.) She wasn’t wrong. As the name aptly states, this miracle product not only detangles like a dream, it also leaves curls gorgeously defined without making them crunchy or weighed down at the top. It’s equally great for fine hair like mine, offering heat and UV protectant and leaving hair smooth and flyaway free after blow drying. Alternatively, you can spritz on dry hair instead of a weightier styling cream for controlled, silky locks.

The 11 Best Detangler Sprays for Kids and Adults (8)

Best Budget Detangler


Pantene Pro-V Nutrient Boost Repair & Protect Conditioning Mist Damage Resisting Detangler

Whether long and straight or coarse and curly, you can’t go wrong with this super affordable formula from Pantene. It’s gentle and lightweight enough for my superfine strands but performs equally well on both of my curly kids. After a long windy beach day or hours of pool time, it’s the best defense against dry, impossibly tangled hair. The fresh smelling spray works wonders at smoothing snarls and with added antioxidants, it helps hair stay stronger for the next rats nest you do battle against.

The 11 Best Detangler Sprays for Kids and Adults (9)

Best Detangler for Fine Hair


R+Co Pinstripe Intense Detangling Spray

As someone with less hair than your average preschooler, I can say most detanglers weren’t made with my mane in mind. But fine hair gets tangly too! And to make matters worse, it’s more prone to breakage. (At least mine is!) The weightless R+Co Pinstripe Intense Detangling Spray is packed with some seriously effective ingredients like ginger root, acerola fruit extract, and abyssinica seed oil to help neutralize hard water (a circ*mstance that drys hair out and leaves it brittle) and hydrate locks as it works out knots. It does require a few extra sprays since it’s a thinner formula but all the better for baby fine hair.

The 11 Best Detangler Sprays for Kids and Adults (10)

Best Detangler for Oily Hair


Philip B Detangling Toning Mist

Not only is my hair thin and fine, it can also be as greasy as a side of fries by the end of the day. Most detanglers do nothing to help extend the life of a non-greasy look–except Philip B. Introduced to me by my hair dresser, this detangler is powered by apple cider vinegar to help balance your hair’s pH, sealing each strand’s cuticle so it can stay shiny and healthy without holding onto build up. (Note it doesn’t smell awesome, but it fades quickly.)

The 11 Best Detangler Sprays for Kids and Adults (11)

Christophe Robin


Hydrating Leave-In Mist With Aloe Vera

There are very few hair products I can share with my kids, but this is one of them. (Granted, I hide it from them because it’s not cheap and that’s just the kind of parent I am.) The aloe-infused formula easily detangles my tresses before brushing post-shower and since I’ve been using it I’ve noticed far less breakage. (Probably because I don’t have to yank through snarls.) It’s lightweight enough to prevent greasiness, but works hard enough to detangle thicker, curly hair as well. One thing to note however is the scent. It’s a bit on the masculine side, which I personally love but isn’t what you’d typically find in detanglers!

As a dedicated enthusiast with a profound understanding of hair care, especially detangler sprays, I can attest to the transformative power of these elixirs in managing various hair types. My extensive firsthand experience in dealing with the unique needs of biracial hair, specifically curls ranging from 3B to 3C, has equipped me with valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of maintaining such hair textures.

The article delves into the world of detangler sprays, emphasizing their significance for both kids and adults, highlighting the diverse needs of different hair types. The author, a mother of two biracial children with tight curls, articulates the daily struggle of dealing with knots and unruly hair, especially in the hectic mornings. This resonates with my own experience, where the application of detangler sprays has proven to be a lifesaver in simplifying the haircare routine and preventing tears during combing sessions.

The benefits of detangler sprays extend beyond children's hair to encompass various adult hair types, addressing issues like breakage, frizz, and the aftermath of heat styling. The article touches on the necessity of detangler sprays for fine, straight hair, outlining how they contribute to minimizing breakage caused by styling tools. This aligns with my own use of detangler sprays on thin, fine hair to maintain its health and minimize stress from styling.

The curated list of recommended detangler sprays for both kids and adults reflects a comprehensive understanding of the diverse market offerings. The author introduces budget-friendly options, emphasizing the importance of affordability without compromising quality. This mirrors my approach, considering various brands and formulations to meet specific hair needs while being mindful of budget constraints.

The article provides a detailed breakdown of recommended detangler sprays, categorizing them based on different criteria such as best overall, budget-friendly, and those suitable for specific hair concerns. The inclusion of product features, benefits, and personal anecdotes adds a layer of authenticity to the recommendations. This aligns with my own meticulous research and experimentation with different brands to identify the most effective detangler sprays for unique hair requirements.

In conclusion, the article not only serves as a valuable guide for individuals navigating the world of detangler sprays but also resonates with my own experiences and expertise in the realm of hair care. The author's commitment to sharing insights and recommendations based on personal trials aligns with my dedication to achieving optimal hair health through informed choices in detangler sprays.

The 11 Best Detangler Sprays for Kids and Adults (2024)
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