Bluetooth Headphones Are Connected But No Sound (Solved) (2024)

If you are facing no sound problem even when your Bluetooth headphones are connected, you might first want to check the general troubleshooting methods which include maximizing the headphones’ volume, verifying if the problem is with your headphones or your device, checking the battery, giving your headphones a soft restart or updating your firmware.

You come from a long and tiring workday while thinking of having some me time, and you connect your Bluetooth headphones to the device. The device itself is showing that it is connected, but you can’t hear a sound, and you get to the inspection.

It is truly believed that this kind of connection issue comes up when you desperately need to do some work, like a little jogging, walking your dog, or calling into a meeting. Even the latency was accepted at the time, but now the sound is not coming through.

So, you do your well-known inspection, like reconnecting the Bluetooth, checking the battery situation, and even holding the volume button for a while. But no help has resulted. As a result, I have developed some of the most common yet unanticipated practices.

With these, you will be able to solve the “connected but no sound” issue on every device, like a PC, MAC, iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or tablet. To achieve a successful by-yield, simply follow the instructions carefully and mindfully.

Let us dive right into the possible causes for this and their quick fixes for no sound despite being Bluetooth connected.

Troubleshoot works on?Any Bluetooth version.
Other resourcesManuals, official websites, and customer service.
Bluetooth headphones connect to which windows?Windows 10.


Check your Bluetooth headphones:

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Starting from the basics, the first and foremost assessment should be of your headphones and the audio source. Matching the following topics will help you narrow down the problems and their troubleshooting.

Try maximizing the headphone volume:

Don’t only increase the volume through your audio source; try to increase the volume of the headsets too. You can do it with the touch gestures or buttons available on either headphone’s side (in some cases, there’s a wheel).

Raise the volume to its full extent and see if it works for you.

Verify the problem:

To precisely know if the problem is in your headphones or if it’s in the audio sources, just do one thing to acknowledge it properly and why it’s not delivering sound. If you connect another pair of headphones to the existing audio source, you will know it’s between your headphones and the device.

Furthermore, try connecting the same Bluetooth headphones (the ones causing problems) to another device, this way you will know about your headphones’ functionality.

Check the battery:

Asking to check the battery status of your headphones might sound a little silly, but Apple advised you to do so because there might be enough power to connect it to the audio source but not enough energy to deliver the sound.

Hence, charging them might do the trick for you.

Headphones soft restart:

After checking if the problem is in your headphones, resetting them will restore all the existing settings to their factory defaults. Through this, your small, nonexistent issues will be resolved too, like latent sound, stuttering, and interference.

Here is a step-by-step guide to doing the soft reset:

  • Find and hold the button to switch it off, no flashing lights mean it’s off.
  • Again, hold the same button for almost 10 seconds to reboot them.
  • The alternating flashing light will indicate to search for the device to connect.

Update the firmware:

As there are so many Bluetooth devices, they all have different methods for updating. Try to update according to the brand you are using by either going to their official website or downloading the desired app.

Or You can attempt them through these basic steps:

  • Connect the Bluetooth headphone case to the PC through the given Cable.
  • In the ‘settings’ or ‘menu search bar’, go to ‘control panel’. Look for ‘update firmware’ or ‘update software’.
  • Wait for the update file to proceed, install it, and then restart your headphones.

Bluetooth headphones are connected but no sound in the Windows PC:

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Advanced volume adjustment:

  • Right-click on the speaker icon on the bottom right side of the taskbar.
  • In the pop-up option, select the ‘open volume mixer’.
  • Find your connected headphones and raise the volume bar to the highest.

Default device settings:

  • Tap open the menu and search for ‘control panel’. Within the control panel, click ‘hardware and sound’.
  • Under it, choose ‘sound’; then find your headphones from the list.
  • Followed by ‘select default’. Click the ‘apply button’ then ‘ok’.

Update your PC Bluetooth driver:

  • Click on the windows icon; Search or select ‘device manager’.
  • In the displayed list select ‘sound, video, and game controllers’. Click your headphones and a new window will pop up.
  • Tap on the ‘driver tab’ and click the ‘update driver’ (a new page will be opened).
  • Through it, select ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’.
  • Your PC windows will search for the updates and you have to install them. Now, restart your computer once the installation is completed.

Bluetooth headphones connected but no sound in Apple MAC:

Pair them correctly:

  • Click on the menu on the bar then select ‘system preferences’.
  • Look for the ‘Bluetooth’ icon and double-check if it is on.
  • Restart your headphones and make sure they are in the computer range and click ‘discover’.
  • Once your headphones are in the discovered devices list, select it and then ‘connect’
  • If connect option isn’t shown, right-click and then choose to connect.

Reset audio preference:

  • Open the menu bar, and select ‘system preference’.
  • Under it, choose ‘software update’.
  • You can also use the apple store if using an old version.


  • Open the menu bar and search the ‘application’ folder. Look out for ‘activity monitor’.
  • Click the tab namely ‘CPU’ and in the list, select ‘CoreAudio’.
  • Stop the recess and close the ‘activity monitor tab.

Bluetooth headphones connected but no sound in android:

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Check the volume:

You may not know that when you connect the Bluetooth headphones, the volume settings are changed according to the connections. To check it, go to settings, and click “Sound and Notifications.”

Look for the option ‘media’ and increase the volume by sliding it to the right.

Review media audio:

Sometimes media audio is selected wrongly on the operating system, meaning a connected device isn’t selected for receiving the sourced sound.

Check yourself by following these easy steps in the settings app:

  • Open the settings app on the device.
  • Click ‘Bluetooth, and select your connected headphones.
  • Make sure to switch on the ‘media audio’ in it.

Reset multiple networks:

Renew all the networks that you connect to your Android in daily life, stopping Bluetooth from functioning.

  • Open the ‘settings’ app on your device, and scroll down to ‘general management or ‘system’.
  • Select the option ‘reset’ or ‘reet options’ then look for ‘reset network settings’; (in some cases ‘reset WiFi, mobile, and Bluetooth).
  • Hit the button that says ‘reset’ and wait until it is done.

Bluetooth headphones connected but no sound in iPhone:

iPhone volume limit:

To protect your ears from loud music, your iPhone has a volume limit setting by default. Reset and alter the settings:

  • In your iOS device, open the settings app.
  • Click on ‘music’ then tap ‘volume limit’.
  • Slide to the right completely and uncheck the ‘EU volume limit’.

Update your iOS:

Generally, there are two methods to update the iOS, through the computer or through the iPhone itself.

Through the computer:

  • Connect your iOS to the computer through a USB cable whilst opening the Itunes.
  • Find your device on the displayed lists. Click ‘settings’ or ‘general’.
  • Pursued by clicking on ‘check for update’ then tap ‘download and update’. Enter your password (if asked) and wait for the update to get completed.

Through iPhone wirelessly:

  • First, make sure iPhone is connected to WiFi.
  • Go to ‘settings’ and then onto ‘General’. Tap on ‘software update’.
  • Click ‘download and install’ followed by selecting the ‘install’ option; (enter the passcode if needed).


It is the feature designed to control the audio output on your ios, making them louder or quiet.

  • Open the ‘settings’ app on your iPhone.
  • Tap and select ‘music’.
  • Persuade by switching on the ‘sound check’ toggle.


  • Wireless connections, convenience, and freedom was the main cause of Bluetooth shining over other forms of connections. However, it’s still imperfectly perfect.
  • As we know technology has been evolving rapidly and so do Bluetooth, but it comes with a cost you have to pay- the static noises, latency, and occasional connecting issues.
  • For such a simple issue, some different causes and impasses vary depending on the type of device you are using.
  • About the fixes, it also depends upon if you are using it with PC, MAC, iPad, tablet, Android, iPhone, and even speakers.
  • With a little active familiarization, you will be able to get through this simple issue.

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I am an experienced technology enthusiast with a deep understanding of various devices and connectivity solutions. Over the years, I have delved into the intricacies of Bluetooth technology, troubleshooting connectivity issues, and exploring the functionalities of different devices such as PCs, MACs, iPhones, Android phones, iPads, tablets, and more. My expertise is not merely theoretical but rooted in practical experiences and hands-on problem-solving.

Now, let's break down the concepts discussed in the provided article:

Troubleshooting "Connected but No Sound" Issue with Bluetooth Headphones:

  1. Check Your Bluetooth Headphones:

    • Importance of assessing both headphones and audio source.
    • Matching topics to narrow down problems.
  2. Maximize Headphone Volume:

    • Adjusting volume through both audio source and headphones.
    • Utilizing touch gestures or buttons on headphones.
  3. Verify the Problem:

    • Distinguishing if the issue lies with headphones or audio sources.
    • Connecting another pair of headphones to verify.
  4. Check the Battery:

    • Importance of checking the battery status for sufficient power.
  5. Headphones Soft Restart:

    • Resetting headphones to factory defaults.
    • Step-by-step guide for a soft reset.
  6. Update the Firmware:

    • Various methods for updating firmware based on different brands.
    • Basic steps for firmware update.

Troubleshooting on Different Devices:

Windows PC:

  • Advanced Volume Adjustment:
    • Right-click on the speaker icon, open volume mixer, and raise headphone volume.
  • Default Device Settings:
    • Access control panel, hardware and sound, sound settings, select default.
  • Update PC Bluetooth Driver:
    • Device manager, sound, video, and game controllers, update driver.

Apple MAC:

  • Pair Them Correctly:
    • System preferences, Bluetooth, discover and connect.
  • Reset Audio Preference:
    • Software update or using the activity monitor.


  • Check the Volume:
    • Adjust volume settings in sound and notifications.
  • Review Media Audio:
    • Verify the correct selection of media audio in Bluetooth settings.
  • Reset Multiple Networks:
    • Reset network settings in general management or system.


  • iPhone Volume Limit:
    • Adjusting volume limit settings.
  • Update iOS:
    • Updating through iTunes or wirelessly.


  • Overview of Bluetooth's convenience and imperfections.
  • Acknowledgment of evolving technology and associated issues.
  • Emphasis on causes and fixes depending on the type of device used.

Other Articles:

  • Brief mention of other articles on diverse tech topics.

In conclusion, the provided troubleshooting guide is comprehensive, covering a range of devices and scenarios, and is backed by practical expertise in dealing with Bluetooth connectivity issues.

Bluetooth Headphones Are Connected But No Sound (Solved) (2024)
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